Computer Lab

Computer Lab



Welcome to the Computer Lab:  Where Learning, Technology & Fun Meet!

I am Ms. Smith, the Computer Lab teacher, and I take great pride in seeing your students every week in our Computer Lab. We have iMac computers for your students use. The lab is open every day during school and after school Monday-Thursday until 3:30PM.

Accelerated Reading is a reading program used here at Nixon by first through sixth graders. The students are checking-out books according to their ZPD level, then taking quizzes on the computers and iPads. They can quiz any time the lab is open. Students can come during recess and lunch as long as the “Open” sign is up and I am here. There are also computers in the library for their quizzing needs.

All grades visit the lab here at Nixon Academy, TK-6. Since we are a 1:1 “take home” iPad school here at Nixon in 5th and 6th, the 5th and 6th graders only visit the Lab when the have special projects that can not be completed on their iPads.

TK and Kindergarteners like to use to practice their Language Arts and Math skills.

We primarily use Pages to type sentences and create projects in the Lab. They also learn how to use pictures from Google images to insert into their projects.

To learn how to type, we use Typing Agent. A fun and exciting typing program that is used by all first through sixth grade students.

To access the Lab’s Symbaloo homepage, and see all the “tiles” (as we call them) available to your students, please visit:

As you can see, there are many exciting things going on in the Computer Lab.


Ms. Smith